Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Feeling Flirty @ Aud Sentiments

Hey everyone and welcome to another fortnightly challenge at Aud Sentiments! Now is it just me or is the time just going really, really quickly? It's just coming up to August now and two thirds into the year - where has the time gone, seriously! Trying to enjoy the Summer in the UK where I can! :)

This fortnight for our Aud Sentiments challenge, we're feeling rather flirty, so it's time to get those thinking caps on to come up with a project or card for the theme!

So for the challenge: Make a card or project for your husband, partner, boyfriend or a crush using a flirty sentiment 
(Examples we had were: Happy Birthday Sexy, Naughty or Nice? etc)
Please don't forget your sentiment!

Our sponsor for this challenge are: Sassy Studio Designs
Thank you for sponsoring us this fortnight!

- x -

So for this challenge, I've created this card below:

Now, I for one don't do 'sexy' or 'flirty' for some odd reason, err - it's just something waaaay out of my comfort zone, but it was pretty fun to do and to come up with something that represents something 'flirty'. So I hope I've done it some justice! :)

Please check out the Aud Sentiments Challenge Blog for Team A's fabulous creations with various Sassy Studio Design images and check out the blog the week after for Team B's equally gorgeous creations!

Challenges Ends: Tuesday 13th August

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Thinking of You / Aud Sentiments

Hi everyone and welcome to another challenge at Aud Sentiments.

Today's challenge we would like you to create a project or card with a: 
Thinking of You or With Sympathy Sentiment.

We are sponsored this fortnight by: Robyn's Fetish:

Here is a little bit about them...

Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps And More is proud to sponsor this challenge.Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps And More, a division of I Did It Creations, was created and is owned by Robyn Weinrib.  Robyn offers a wonderful variety of digital stamps and digital papers, designed to meet the needs of all digital paper crafting addicts for every occasion.

The prize for the winner is a choice of 5 digital stamps.

Thank you to Robyn's Fetish for sponsoring us on this challenge.

- x -

Here's my creation below:

White cardstock
X-Cut Square Punch
Spellbinders Lacy Ovals Die
Spellbinders Oval Die
X-Cut Corner Punch
Craft Concepts Universal Embossing Folder - Butterfly Kisses

- x -

Please check out the Aud Sentiments Blog to check out the beautiful  Team A creations and also come back the following week for Team B's creations.

Make sure you let all your crafty friends know about our fortnight challenges and take part in them!

Happy Crafting!

Challenge Ends: July 30th 2013 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Two Words. Go!

The weather is getting slightly warmer in the UK, so it must be time for another Aud Sentiments Challenge! So this week we're setting you this challenge:

A card or project with a two-word sentiment - nice and easy, but brownie points for not using "Happy Birthday!"

 Our sponsor this fortnight is: Bugaboo


 And here's a little bit about them:
I decided to post a little about me as I find it is nice to put a face to the name on the internet!
My name is Jodie .(bottom, middle picture)
I am married and have 5 beautiful children, Skye, Isabella, Desiree, Sean, and Michael.

Add a dog a cat and a hubby to that .....a housefull!

I have been designing graphics for 9 years, mostly for those who digitize,
and now venturing into this new idea of digi stamps.
I love to draw and love to see were my designs go and how they are used.
I find making people smile with my graphics very rewarding!

For many many years I drew mostly cutesy kids graphics, alot of which you’ll find here.
But my latest passion is my cranky old boots....
Stella ,Gus, Margaret and the Gals who came after them.
I just LOVE to create them and they seem to be a favorite!

The winner of this challenge will get 7 free digis. Thank you so much to Bugaboo for sponsoring us!

So on to my creation for this fortnight's challenge:

 Supplies used:
Rose Garden Paper Pad 8 x 8 - First Paper Edition
Dovecraft Tea Doilies
Momento Rich Cocoa Ink
Momento Tuxedo Black Ink
Lace Ribbon
Scrap Material which has Floral Print
Sizzix Ticket Sizzlits Die
Promarkers (Forest Green, Bright Green, Rose Pink, Oatmeal, Sunflower, Walnut, Burnt Orange, Blush, Ruby, Caramel and Azure, I think!)
The Greeting Farm Flutter Heart Stamping set

 I hope you guys like the card for this fortnight's challenge, please check out the blog to enter in our challenge this fortnight and please have a look at our Design Team creations - which are as ever amazing! So please show the DT some love! Don't forget to come back the following week for Team B's creations too. We also have a tiny rule change for entering into our future challenges - so please check out the blog for more details!

Happy Crafting Everyone! :)

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 30: The Importance of Being Crafty...

Today is sadly the last day of the Blogging Everyday in June Challenge and I've gotta say it's been amazing and I have actually really l.o.v.e.d participating in this blogging challenge. It's been brilliant! Mahoosive Thanks to Kairen from Karoove for coming up with this blogging challenge - the woman is a genius! I hope that all the lovely crafters that took part in some days / all days / most days - I hope that your crafting adventures continue! :)

So, the last day asks:
Day 30: What Does Crafting Mean to You?

Crafting for me started out as a hobby on the side, something to literally just do in my spare time and over the few years recently, it's turned into something more epic. I craft as part of a design team now on Aud Sentimentswhen a few years ago I never even knew what a design team was and I never have have thought my card skills and craft making skills were even good enough to be on any team, let alone a team whom I thoroughly enjoy working with. So for me it's an honour and a pleasure.

Crafting for me is something that I love to relax with, creating cards for my friends and for them to actually say 'I totally wanna keep this forever' or 'I love it, I can't believe you actually made this' - its great getting compliments and for me, even minus the compliments or comments - I would still do it, because I enjoy it. It's time for me to have for myself, something that's different from the everyday norm of day-to-day life and it's something I can put my creativity, expression, emotion, enjoyment and effort into and this will continue long into the future.

Home made / crafting / cardmaking / papercrafting is making an utmost contemporary comeback adapted for modern and old-fashioned crafters and makers. Home furnishings, original art and pieces, gifts and the ability for items to be customised and personalised as well as an ever increasing online presence - it's a skill that will be changed, maintained and will still be kept on trend.

With all this in mind, crafting itself has created a world of opportunity and community. Being able to share your ideas with others, bringing individual crafters together, going to shows, workshops and clubs - the list is endless and it's ever growing. 
With the ability to bring people together, expressing creativity and even just a hobby to sink your teeth into the importance of crafting for me is ever growing and for so many reasons - it's something I will continue to enjoy and pass on to the next generation in the near future.

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 29: Down at the Beach...

Day 29: Down at the Beach...

I dug out this Beach themed card for today's task:

This is a card I did for Pinspirational Challenges Blog on which I was a Design Team member. It's one of my favourite cards actually and always reminds of the summer, the beach and lovely hot weather!

As its nearing to July, like seriously JULY?! Where did the months go? Where's my UK Summer? I'm hoping the British Summer will actually get here. Next weekend I will be in sunny Blackpool for a week to enjoy the sunshine, the beach and get myself a tan! :) YAY!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge and I am actually sad about that, I've thoroughly enjoyed it! Day 30 tomorrow for the last Blogging Everyday in June Challenge! Stay tuned!

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 28: Three Wishes. Go!

Day 28:  If you had three wishes what would they be?

Now I think this would be a bit hard because there are a lot of things that I would like to change my life for the better and for the future, so let's get the ol' thinking cap on!

1. Enough money to be comfortable.
I'm not looking for £150million or anything, just enough so that my parents can retire on some holiday beach somewhere with a lovely house and some sunshine. I don't expect to win the lottery anytime soon and I'm not asking the world, but an adequate amount so that my parents can rest and I can invest more for my future. I'd also like to be generous with my money and give some to my friends & family to help them out too.

2. Love
This is more a borderline wish for me. I'm not in a rush to find anyone, but it would be nice to find someone. I'm one of those people who are really happy for others in love, but I miss it a little as well. Its something I would definitely want in the future, but it's also something I'm not gonna rush myself into. If someone comes along - great, if they take a bit longer - that's okay as well. Things happen for a reason, so who knows?

3. For all those close to me (friends and family etc) to be happy.
Bit of a big wish there to be honest, but I think it's something that is realistically possible! I hope that all my friends, family, good friends, best friends, or even acquaintances to be happy and live happy lives. I'm not too fussed about myself, as long as everyone else is happy around me that normally sends positive vibes my way and 'If you're happy, I'm happy' - which is something I stick to pretty much 90% of the time!

So those are my three main wishes, I probably have about 10 more, but hey let's not think to far ahead of ourselves! :)

Weekend is nearly here with the last few days in this challenge left!

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 27: Three

Day 27: Your Three Best Projects

So I may have changed this slightly into my favourite three projects - rather than my best three. Only because I can't really pick between a lot of crafting projects I do. It'll be too hard to pick, as I only, well mostly stick to one media of work - paper and/or card :)

So here we go...

This birthday card I made for the Aud Sentiments DT which I am currently on and have been on the design team since 2012. It's one of my favourites actually because of the colours and the image I used. I love the ribbon and the embellishments. It just came together perfectly and it's soo cute. I gave this card to my friend Gemma for her birthday earlier this year.


This card I entered into the second DT I was on up until April this year and that was with Pinspirational Challenges. I made this card specifically to match with the theme they had on that particular week to match with their Pinterest pic. The card turned out amazingly and it was a favourite of mine - I love the orange and the black and how well they went together as well as the other embellishments as well - especially the black flourish and the buttons. I gave this card to my friend Elaina (who actually has the same colour hair as Wryn in this picture) as a birthday card to her.

And last but not least...

This was an altered paper mache letter for a friend of mine. I hadn't bought her a present, so I decided to make one for her and as her name is Aisha (Hey Aisha!) the letter 'A' for her was pretty much a done deal for what to give to her. She loves personalised things as well, so this was ideal. I made it to match her tastes and it's pretty unique, one of a kind. So she's very lucky to have one ;)

So there you are, looking forward to seeing your three best projects too!

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 26: Being Good at Stuff

Day 26: What do you wish you were good at?

There's probably a lot of things I wish I was good at, seriously he's a peek at a quarter of the list (LOL):

Saving Money
I don't shop a massive amount, but I do shop and I don't save much - which is bad

Can't cook properly, I can do bits and pieces, but if you're expecting a four course meal round my place, then you're thinking ahead more than I am!

Taking Compliments & Criticism (more positively!)
Can't take either without having to make a joke at the end, like: 'Your cheque is in the post', *gives a strange look* or anything else similar. Its difficult for me. Same with criticism as well. Can't take it all that well either!

And last but not least:

Being Better with Time
I am organised to a certain extent, and my time keeping skills are okay, but I wish I could organise my time a little bit more efficiently and keeping to those times. I think I need to change watches, or maybe just plan ahead a little more?

There's just a few things I wish I was good at... what do you wish you were good at?