Info / About

I'm Mel, founder and design creative at  Princess Melus Crafts. Welcome to the online HQ!

I'm 26, from the lovely UK and currently work part-time as an Admin in the city of London.

I've been papercrafting (originally just card making) when I was in College and continue to do so to the present day, but I also dabble in a bit of sewing, paper mache, homemade crafts and scrapbooking. I love crafting, but find myself sometimes getting into a 'creative block' and then go through 'moments of genius'

I mostly get my inspiration from YouTube, Facebook and Crafting magazines and I'll normally create something for friends, family and those nearest and dearest to me.

Feel free to browse around, the blog will get updated on a regular basis, but you can check out my other blog on Tumblr, under the same name: - I'll be doubling up on posts! :)