Saturday, 21 July 2012

Crossing the Finish Line & Ridiculously Proud

Last month I posted up a card that I had made to cheer on the EI Team (former work colleagues) for taking part in the BG Energy Challenge to raise money for two charities - a reminder of the post is here: Good Luck Team / BG Energy Challenge 2012.

One of my friends and one of the EI team members who endured the two day challenge - Terry - posted up this picture of the six of them crossing the finish line of the last challenge (I think, there were six challenges in all over the two days across Dartmoor)

Crossing the line: Erica, Terry, Michael, Marc (back), Andy and Gareth

Out of 35 teams, the EI team came 11th which over the last three years that they've done the event, it is the best position that they've come through in the competition and if anything they should be so proud of themselves. They also reached their target of £5,000 and then some to help the two charities involved - Sparks and Care International.

I for one am extremely proud of them all, a tiny bit more so for Michael and Terry as they were first timers to take part in the challenge, the other four have done the last two BG challenges, and they've overcome such hurdles to get to this point! I am extremely proud of them, they did an awesome job and I personally couldn't have done it better myself! These guys are awesome and they deserve a MEGA HUGE pat on the back, and a very well--deserved massage! :) As well as few pints!

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