Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 27: Three

Day 27: Your Three Best Projects

So I may have changed this slightly into my favourite three projects - rather than my best three. Only because I can't really pick between a lot of crafting projects I do. It'll be too hard to pick, as I only, well mostly stick to one media of work - paper and/or card :)

So here we go...

This birthday card I made for the Aud Sentiments DT which I am currently on and have been on the design team since 2012. It's one of my favourites actually because of the colours and the image I used. I love the ribbon and the embellishments. It just came together perfectly and it's soo cute. I gave this card to my friend Gemma for her birthday earlier this year.


This card I entered into the second DT I was on up until April this year and that was with Pinspirational Challenges. I made this card specifically to match with the theme they had on that particular week to match with their Pinterest pic. The card turned out amazingly and it was a favourite of mine - I love the orange and the black and how well they went together as well as the other embellishments as well - especially the black flourish and the buttons. I gave this card to my friend Elaina (who actually has the same colour hair as Wryn in this picture) as a birthday card to her.

And last but not least...

This was an altered paper mache letter for a friend of mine. I hadn't bought her a present, so I decided to make one for her and as her name is Aisha (Hey Aisha!) the letter 'A' for her was pretty much a done deal for what to give to her. She loves personalised things as well, so this was ideal. I made it to match her tastes and it's pretty unique, one of a kind. So she's very lucky to have one ;)

So there you are, looking forward to seeing your three best projects too!

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