Monday, 3 June 2013

Bloggin Everyday in June - Day 3: 5 Words & Crafting in Blue...

Day 3: Describe yourself in 5 words
I this is going to be a bit difficult to do seeing as I can only think of about two, so trying to put my 'great' memory to the test and seeing if I can remember anything my friends have said. Err.. right here goes:

1. Quirky 
(My friend said I was this after I said something completely random and he found it funny)
2. Funny 
(My mix of sarcastic humour, dry wit and quick comebacks might be key here!)
3. Clever 
(Probably more for remembering things, being creative with things and general knowledge!)
4. Resourceful 
(A friend said I was this after carrying safety pins for my jeans when we went on rides at Thorpe Park so that my things wouldnt fall out of my pockets)
5. Sweet 
(For being well... that. Aww...)
So those are my five words - and a double whammy today - the other half of this challenge is:
Craft something in the colour blue
So I made these sweet Rosettes using my Tim Holtz Rosette Die

The flair badges I used were from different collections from American Crafts these were adhere with different sentiments and pictures to match the main blue / white rosette colours. I'll be making more of these in the future with my own flair badges which will be featured in our shop soon, so look out for them online! :)
 Come back for Day 4 tomorrow...

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