Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 1: How I Got Started...

Blog every day in June

I will be taking on Kairen's challenge of blogging everyday through June... so let's start off with...

Day 1: Tell us all about how you got into crafting

I first got into crafting quite a few years ago, when I saw a few I mean about... 12 years ago when I was 16 and was in College. I made a birthday card for a really good friend of mine - Adam (he's still a good friend of mine today!) for his birthday and I remember being really nervous about giving it to him at college the next day. Anyway nervousness aside, he loved it and he was really touched about how I made all the effort to make something for him. So from then on I started to sporadically make birthday cards for my friends and see what reactions I was getting whenever their birthday come around. It made me happy to see other people happy about receiving something handmade.

12 years on, and sporadically through those years - my card making has become more frequent and my social circle has extended and now with birthdays all year round my friends definitely expect birthday cards in the post from me - which happens often as my memory is pretty good and I always make a note of birthdays in my diary! I love making cards - though through work - it cane leave me with no time to make them, but I try to fit in card making as much as I can in my spare time.

My card making has also ridiculously improved through the years and the discovery of some great craft brands has made crafting more easier and also more simple with diverse designs and techniques. With social media such as blogging, YouTube and challenges online everyone can take part in - it encourages the procrastinator in me to create cards for everyone and for any occasion and I do love it. The feedback I get and the continuous reactions from friends and lots of sweet thank you messages are enough for me to keep going with craft making. I do enjoy it and I have a lot to thank to friends and family to continue something I love to pieces and takes a break from the normal everyday life of reality! :)

So that's the little-ish story of how I got started in crafting and card making, watch this space tomorrow for Day 2...

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