Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - Day 11: 'Hey Big Spender!'

So today's task is:
Day 11: Dish the dirt on your biggest craft spend

Me and my Debit Card have a very interesting relationship. We try and compromise on things and I've got to say my little plastic pin buddy has stopped me from purchasing something because it's talked / coaxed / nudged / hit me to not buy that craft thing I didn't need!

I don't think I have spent one huge amount of money one thing all in one go, only because I can't actually bring myself to part with a big bit of money on craft equipment, as I can't really afford it in the long run. I bought my Big Shot and Starter kit from QVC on installments, and the accessories - like dies and folders - I buy in intervals as and when I needed them. I tend to spend my money more when I'm at Craft Shows only because there are lots of shops and companies there who will sell stuff at discounted prices and it's like one massive Hobbycraft in one massive building. And even saying that I only ever go to one Craft Show they hold twice a year, which is the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show at Alexandra Palace in London, which is on every April and September, so even a big splurge is far and few between

Me and Ebay have a good relationship too and I'll buy my craft ensentials online. I've discovered new polymer stamps in the last 18 months and can easily spend a bit on stamps, so If I had to name one thing I spend money on is that. 
I an more of a selective craft shopper I look for deals on QVC, Ideal World and Create & Craft more and if there's anything I am particularly interested in, I may consider buying it. I'm more of a contemporary crafter too, so everything for me is like fresh, new and dare I say it - trendy, and I lean more to digital stamps and print outs! I've learnt to be a bit more particular now and stop myself from buying anything that's waaaay out of my price range or more importantly - anything that I don't need - before my accountant rings me up! :) And plus my Mum would find out about my craft expenses, so I best not buy anything for a bit... Lol.

So, that's my 'big spend' post today. What was your biggest spend on craft items?

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